Op cafe means 'omkring pescatarian' = 'about pescatarian'.we are plant and fish based, sometimes we use dairy but as little as possible – but no meats. 

Located in the Latin quarters of Copenhagen. We are inspired the Spanish way of dinning, easy, laid back and cozy – but we are not locked on the flavors, it is a small world, and we get inspiration from around the globe. 

Op cafe is both a cafe and a little delicatesse, everything is available for you to take it home. We pride to do as much as possible in house – if it is not made by us – we tasted and tested it and we like it – that is our stamp of quality. 

Op cafe is 2 floors next to one of the most iconic doorways in the center of Copenhagen. The basement, is the place where all the convenience foods are on show, where the scent of fresh brewed coffee and breads surrounds the atmosphere. Upstairs is where our guests can sit cozy and relaxed – enjoying our food, wine or just a cup of coffee.

Our Value

Op cafe is a zero waste cafe - everything has a story - our big sign outside is from the local pharmacy down the road. we follow season change as lot - and think about everything we do even a small thin as piece of paper or the menu board - both produced organic by recycled products.

We have options of #vegan and #glutenfree food avalaible 


Our Story

Op cafe is operated by the same group of people that have ferment around the corner - alot of our values are the same - but the foods are different. fement is experimental Op is more down to earth, a everyday eatery, or just a place where on can enjoy a glass of wine or a cup of coffee to relax and get away from the everyday hazzle.